Name : Evelyn and Stephen Boal.

Stud Name : Puddledock Bunnies..

County : County Down, N.I.

How long have you kept Rabbits : 10 yrs.

How long have you kept Contis : 4 yrs.

What other breeds do you keep : French Lop, Mini Lop,

Netherland Dwarf and Ivory Satins.

How long have you been showing Contis : 2 yrs.

How many adult Contis do you keep on average :6.

How many young do you keep on average : 2.

What colours do you breed and show : Agouti and Chinchilla.

What is your best show award and when : 2nd best fur in the Lisburn District Rabbit & Cavy Club with a Under 5 Conti buck.

What are your best memories of showing : When our daughter Chelsie won best junior in show at Carlisle on the 13/3/16.

What are your worst memories of showing : Watching one of our mini lops being disqualified for being overweight.

What is your ambition in showing :To get Best in Show.

Which is your favourite show venue :Harrogate.

Which is your least favourite show venue : None.

What is your funniest moment when showing : when the table was too small to hold all of the rabbits in the one class.

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