Recognised Colours for Continental Giants.

Black, Dark Steel, Light Steel, Agouti and Red Agouti, Opal, White, Yellow and Chinchilla. The Whites can have red or blue eyes although the blue eyed Conti is somewhat of a rarity.
There is also a Blue colour which has not yet been recognised by the British Rabbit Council

Red Eyed White : Immaculate white,eyes pink or blue.Nails un pigmented
Yellow - Top colour is a uniform pure yellow, which covers the visible body in an
even shade. Colour extends onto the front legs, pelvis and thigh area. Nostrils, eye
and jaw line light to cream colour. Belly colour white/cream with yellow groin
patches, underside of tail white/cream. Undercolour is white for approximately
6mm and then increases to a yellow shade and finishes intensively under the top
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