Name : Diane Davis.

Stud Name: Doubledee Stud.

County: Tyne and Wear.

How long have you kept Rabbits : 36yrs.

How long have you kept Contis : 18yrs.

What other breeds do you keep : Mini lops and one French Lop as a house rabbit.
How long have you been showing Contis : 3yrs

How many adult Contis do you keep on average : 24

How many young do you keep on average : 6

What colours do you breed and show : Blue eyed white, Red eyed white, Yellow, Chin, Steel and Agouti .

What is your best show award and when : My first best in show with my REW boy Frosty at Wallsend in Dec 2014.

What are your best memories of showing : I have so many great memories , when rabbits that you have bred yourself do well at a show that's all the memories I need .Get quite a few best in shows ,and getting Best of Breed at 1st London Championships I attended.

What are your worst memories of showing : Was at 1 of my 1st shows been told you should know which rabbit is your best and only bring that one, nearly put me off showing before I even began.
What is your ambition in showing : I am happy just doing well and for the Continental Giant to become more popular.

Which is your favourite show venue : Has to be Wallsend Rabbit Club, my local show, such friendly people.

Which is your least favourite show venue : None

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