Name: Jan & Dean McConnel.

Stud Name: Sand Dune Stud.

County: East Sussex.

How long have you kept Rabbits : 15 yrs.

How long have you kept Contis : 5 yrs.

What colours do you breed and show Agouti, Steel, Chinchilla, and Yellow.

What other breeds do you keep : French Lop & English Lop.

How long have you been showing Contis : 3 yrs.

How many adult Contis do you keep on average : 12.

How many young do you keep on average : 5.

What is your best show award and when : BIS National Continental Giant Club Stock Show held at the Southern Champs in May 2015.

What are your best memories of showing : Winning the above stock show.

What are your worst memories of showing : Haven't been showing long enough to have any bad memories.

What is your ambition in showing : To get as far as we can within the Conti show world by breeding to the standard together with a good temperament.

Which is your favourite show venue : Medway & New Forest.

Which is your least favourite show venue : None.

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