Name: John & Emma Nuttall

Stud Name: Mid Lodge Rabbits

County: East Ayrshire. Scotland

How long have you kept Rabbits : 19 years

How long have you kept Contis : 4 years

What colours do you breed and show : Agouti, Steel and Yellow.

What other breeds do you keep : Silver Foxes, Chocolate Foxes and Thriantas

How long have you been showing Contis : 2 years

How many adult Contis do you keep on average : 20

How many young do you keep on average : 7/10

What is your best show award and when : Winning Best Fur with two home bread Contis at

Linlithgow show, the show hosts The Scottish Rabbit Club and Linlithgow Fur Club. We were delighted to do so well with our youngsters.

What are your best memories of showing: We have had lots of good memories of showing but probably the above statement?

What are your worst memories of showing : Don't have any yet !

What is your ambition in showing : To keep enjoying it as much as we have over the last two years.

Which is your favourite show venue : Harrogate, its lovely to meet up with all of or rabbit friends. The quality of stock on show is outstanding.

Which is your least favourite show venue : Don't have one..

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