Diane Davis owner of the Double Dee stud, South Shields won Best of Breed amongst her other wins
at the 5star Bradford Small Animal Show, held at Doncaster Sat/Sun 21st/22nd Jan 2017
Diane's Blue eyed white,Diamond, Winner of Best of Breed 2017
Solo won 2nd place in the Fur Challenge for Diane
Words can't describe the fantastic weekend I had at Doncaster.
5*results Agoutis -Solo 1st cc and 2nd best of breed , Charlotte 3rd .Chin-Harry 2nd and 7th in breed challenge.White Diamond 1st,cc and best of breed and 6th in fur group challenge out of 97

Fantastic results in 3* show with my u5s Agouti Holly 1st and cc ,Steel, Cracker 2nd and Ivy 1st cc and best of breed so proud of them all

If my weekend could possibly get any better Charlotte came out for the St ledger and won best fur out of 162 rabbits and was so proud of seeing her up on the main stage what a fantastic feeling I was more than happy coming 4th.

Diane is presented the St Ledger Award from the Show President
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Diane is presented the Best of Breed Award from the Show President