Name : Mark and Leigh Skipp

Stud Name : Skipps Stud

County : Surrey

How long have you kept Rabbits : 6 years

How long have you kept Contis : 6 years

What Colours do you breed and show : Agouti, Steel, Chinchilla and Red Eyed Whites

What other breeds do you keep : French Lops

How long have you been showing Contis : 5 years

How many adult Contis do you keep on average : 25

How many young do you keep on average : 15

What is your best show award and when : Best in Show with Agouti called Jazz,she won Best in Show as under 5 at Luton and then a week later she won Best in Show at Chelmsford in her first adult show 2013

What are your best memories of showing :
Winning the Stock Show at the Essex Championships in 2015 with our Steel Buck Diesel who then went on to win the Best Buck in European Show with a score of 97.5 out of 100

What are your worst memories of showing : Discovering that a new cleaner we used on our Chinchilla buck Oliver had caused him to pluck his fur from his chest during the night before a stock show and was only noticed when the judge turned him !!!

What is your ambition in showing : To be the first to win Best in Show at the London Championship
with a Continental Giant

Which is your favourite show venue : London Championship and Medway Town

Which is your least favourite show venue : None

What is the funniest moment when showing : An Agouti buck we called Chester who thought it
would be a good idea to have a chew on the judge's paper work whilst waiting to be judged.

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